We want to make it easier to talk about and participate in politics.

The Samara Centre is a non-partisan organization that produces ground-breaking research and dynamic events that advance a vibrant culture of civic engagement across Canada. We work to support a resilient democracy with responsive institutions, shaped by an engaged public.


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Our Work

Supporting and Enhancing  Political Conversations

The Samara Centre is known for influencing the national conversation on politics with innovative, evidence-based initiatives and thought-provoking convenings. Our insights make us the go-to resource for active citizens, educators, policy makers and journalists.

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In Defence of Democracy with Naheed Nenshi

In Defence of Democracy with Naheed Nenshi

The Samara Centre for Democracy celebrated our 15th anniversary by welcoming former Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi for the In Defence of Democracy public lecture.

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In a moment where democracy is under threat, the work of the Samara Centre for Democracy is more urgent and relevant than ever before. Your donation will support our non-partisan efforts to secure an inclusive and accessible democracy in Canada.

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Advocating for accessibility and involvement in Canadian democracy

The Samara Centre for Democracy advances bold ideas about how to improve civic engagement in Canada. We are dedicated to learning about the lived experience of politicians, examining technology’s influence on our democratic culture and demystifying the political process for the general public. For 15 years we have convened critical conversations about the future of Canada’s democracy.