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Humans of the House Podcast

Humans of the House Podcast

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MP Exit Interviews

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In the media


SAMbot and online toxicity

Executive Director Sabreena Delhon speaks to Global News about the problem of online toxicity during the federal election campaign.

"Green Leader Annamie Paul points out online threats, calls for accountability," by Maan Alhmidi in the Globe and Mail.

"Torrent of online 'toxicity,' including hate, targeting election candidates: study," by Maan Alhmidi in the Toronto Star.

"Racialized, female candidates more likely to face online abuse during campaign, analysis finds," by Brooke Taylor for CTV News.

"La cheffe du Parti vert dénonce les menaces en ligne contre les politiciens," by Maan Alhmidi in Le Devoir (French only).

Hostility on the 2021 campaign trail: Defaced campaign signs, toxic tweets and disrupted events,” by Taylor Blewett in the Ottawa Citizen.

‘Toxic’ online posts having negative impact on federal election voters,” by Cormac Mac Sweeney and Michael Ranger for CityNews Toronto.

"A new project is tracking toxic tweets aimed at candidates and political parties during the Federal election," an interview with CBC's Information Radio - MB.

Tracking toxic tweets during the federal election,” an interview on Edmonton AM.

Other Coverage

Appearing on Global News, Executive Director Sabreena Delhon encourages young women and girls to get involved in politics, while calling on political parties and others to ensure they’re safe at work:

"The N.S. election, the pandemic and a tide of plummeting voter turnout in Canada" by Rebecca Lau for Global News.

"Politicos worry snap election, short campaign a barrier to nominating women in key ridings" by Zainab Al-Mehdar in the Hill Times.

Supporters irked as parties eschew competition amid tight deadline to fill candidate slots" by Neil Moss in the Hill Times.

"A last word" by Manon Cornellier in Le Devoir. (In French only.)

"Online hate speech could result in attacks on politicians, MP Angus warns" by Elizabeth Thompson in CBC News.

"MPs say hate speech is constraining public discourse" by Rachel Emmanuel in iPolitics.

"Online incivility and abuse in Canadian politics" by Reedah Hayder in New Canadian Media.

"Weaponing Science: Effort to misuse evidence to drive anti-abortion policy fails" by Sabreena Delhon and Susitha Wanigaratne in Healthy Debate.

House of unCommons: Participating in Canada's democracy has been turned inside out over the past 13 months” by Dylan Robertson in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Opinion: The Conservative riding ‘coup’ that was anything but” by Dale Smith in the Globe and Mail.

Opinion: The pandemic has highlighted a fundamental flaw in Canada’s democracy” by David Moscrop in the Washington Post.

Digital disruption: how heckling has changed in a hybrid Parliament” by Alice Chen in the Hill Times.

Where are the candidates? As nominations deadline nears, some seats still empty" by Clara Pasieka in the Telegraph-Journal.

A seat at the table: inside efforts to boost diversity, Black representation in federal candidate nominations" by Laura Ryckewaert in the Hill Times.


Temperature Check

Political dysfunction in the United States is a warning for Canada: don't take democracy for granted” by Aaron Wherry in CBC News.

Is COVID-19 the antidote to Trump-style populism in Canada?” by Susan Delacourt in the Toronto Star.

Canada a ‘civic moment,’ says Samara researcher, urging consideration of citizen assemblies in bid to 'build back better'” by Palak Mangat in The Hill Times.

Report author Mike Morden was interviewed on The News Forum’s Forum Daily by host Sheldon Neil.

Mike was also interviewed on CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning by host Alex Pierson.

Representation in Isolation

COVID-19 meant, ‘I do not work at home — I live at work,’ for Canada’s members of Parliament” by Susan Delacourt in the Toronto Star.

No consensus on adoption of remote House voting, but parties agree legislative scrutiny necessary, says Samara report” by Beatrice Paez in The Hill Times.

Samara report finds partisan split on remote voting, agreements on regular sittings and full votes” by Jolson Lim in iPolitics.

Other Coverage

Why Canada Doesn’t Have The Same Partisan Supreme Court Fights As The U.S.” by Althia Raj in HuffPost Canada.

How has Trump’s presidency changed social justice in Canada?” by Brennan Doherty in Future of Good.

Following the US presidential election, we offered politically-themed reading suggestions for CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning weekly book column. (Segment begins at 40:11.)

Liberal MP Lamoureux continues prolific speaking record, raising opposition ire” by Laura Ryckewaert in The Hill Times.

Hope for our democracy, if we are willing to fight for it” by Kareem Bardeesy, Ana Serrano, and Chris Cowperthwaite in the Toronto Star.

Partisan volunteers, almost invisible but 'busier than ever'” by Clara Pasieka in the Telegraph-Journal.

Une voix pour tous” by Manon Cornellier in Le Devoir. (Only available in French.)

Unanimous consent motion can restore committees in one swoop, but Trudeau Liberals could ‘monkey wrench’ effort, says NDP” by Beatrice Paez in The Hill Times.

What does it mean to prorogue Parliament? Here’s what you need to know about Trudeau’s halting parliamentary session” by Johanna Chisholm in the Toronto Star.

The push for a new kind of (virtual) Parliament - Macleans.ca” by Marie-Danielle Smith in Maclean’s.

Trudeau's appearance before committee may not shed new light on WE controversy, experts say | CBC News” by Kathleen Harris in CBC News.

Do Canada’s most powerful federal posts reflect the country’s diversity?” by Jerome H. Black and Andrew Griffith in Policy Options.

This just in: it's time to strengthen our parliamentary system, now more than ever” by David Crane in The Hill Times.

Editorial: Canada needs a fully operating House of Commons” in The Ottawa Citizen.

Remote voting using video is best option, tech, cybersecurity experts tell PROC” by Palak Mangat in The Hill Times.

The COVID-19 crisis has neutered Canada’s already weakened Parliament” by John Ibbitson in The Globe and Mail.

House suspension deal offers 'insufficient' scrutiny of feds' spending amid COVID, say politicos” by Samantha Wright Allen in The Hill Times.

Free rein over the public purse” by Dylan Robertson in Winnipeg Free Press.

B.C. legislature leads pack in transition to virtual sittings, says Samara report” by Beatrice Paez in The Hill Times.

Relocating to more spacious venue for House sittings impractical, some MPs say” by Beatrice Paez and Palak Mangat in The Hill Times.

Canada 'middle of the pack' among constitutional cousins in push to go virtual, says Samara researcher” by Palak Mangat in The Hill Times.

Virtual Parliament amid coronavirus pandemic won’t be easy. Here are the biggest challenges" by Amanda Connolly in Global News.

Presence of backbench MPs, cross-Canada representation restricted during in-person House sittings amidst physical distancing” by Neil Moss in The Hill Times.

Manitoba's fickle internet frustrates MPs" by Dylan Robertson in Winnipeg Free Press.

Pandemic crisis tests durability of MPs' parliamentary privileges, say MPs, experts" by Beatrice Paez in The Hill Times.

"ANALYSIS: Is COVID-19 good or bad for political engagement?" by Clara Pasieka in Telegraph-Journal.

Challenges to virtual sittings not insurmountable, say MPs, experts, but reforms should reflect House’s diversity" by Beatrice Paez in The Hill Times.

Democratic institutions ‘stretched to limits’" by Jim Vibert in The Chronicle Herald.

"COVID-19 can’t end parliamentary scrutiny, say experts" by Neil Moss and Peter Mazereeuw in The Hill Times.

Auditor general says 'too early' to tell if request for audit on COVID-19 special warrants demands funding boost" by Beatrice Paez in The Hill Times.

Women in politics — are we there yet?" by Stephanie Mackendrick in Global News.


2019 Federal Election

Print and Online

“How online abuse and hate could be hurting our democracy” in CTV News.

“What happens if no party wins a majority of seats? Minority possibilities, explained” in CTV News.

“Split opposition means stronger minority for Liberals, experts say” in CTV News.

Radio and Podcasts

We were interviewed about our Stronger Democracy Platform on 24 radio shows across the country for CBC syndication (Sept. 11).

We discussed voter engagement and turnout on 17 radio shows across the country for CBC syndication (Sept. 26).

We shared information about how to vote on election day on 15 radio shows across the country for CBC syndication (Oct. 21).

“How will populist politics shape Canada's federal election?” on CBC Radio’s Day 6.

“Free from party line, Jane Philpott campaigns on her version of the truth” on CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup.

Our Research Director shared his favourite recent political books on CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning.

“Running for office? It'll cost all your money, friends and free time” on CBC Radio’s Cost of Living.

Our Senior Research Associate appeared on episodes “House Leaders – The Good And The Bad” and “Political Action Thriller” of the iPolitics podcast Minority Report.


Our Executive Director appeared on CP24 for a panel on voter engagement.

Our Research Director appeared on a CTV National News segment concerning attacks and abuse directed at female parliamentarians.

Our Senior Research Associate was interviewed about the nature and potential of minority governments on Global News, CTV Power Play (also airing on CTV National News), CTV Morning Live (also airing on CTV News Ottawa), and again on CTV Morning Live.

Candidate Profiles

During the election, the Samara Centre collaborated with The Hill Times and researchers Jerome Black and Andrew Griffiths to complete demographic profiles of the candidates for all six major political parties.

This research formed the basis of several stories, including:

“More candidates could drop out after Sept. 30 deadline, PPC, Greens lead pack so far” in The Hill Times.

“Nearly 100 new MPs offer new face of Parliament, including 60 in flipped seats” in The Hill Times.

“‘Modest’ progress sees more women elected to the House, but researchers call 2019 the ‘status quo’” in The Hill Times.

“Parties must work between elections to improve diversity, say MPs, candidates” in The Hill Times.

"Business tops experience among 2019 candidates, one-third have run for office before" in The Hill Times.

"House of Commons becoming more reflective of diverse population"in Policy Options.

Field Guide to Online Political Conversations

Episode 10 of the Attention Control podcast, hosted by CTV’s Kevin Newman.

You Have Our Attention

"Youth more likely to talk politics than older generations, Samara survey suggests" in The Hill Times.

Party Favours

Opinion: A pandemic shouldn’t mean short-circuiting grassroots democracy” by Dale Smith in The Globe and Mail.

Don't Blame "The People"

Mike Morden appeared on the CBC television program Power & Politics with Vassy Kapelos.

Mike Morden appeared on the CPAC program PrimeTime Politics with Peter Van Dusen.

Mike Morden and Kendall Anderson were interviewed on 27 CBC radio programs across Canada, from Cape Breton and Quebec City to Regina and Whitehorse.

Mike Morden appeared on Global News Radio in Toronto, 1310 News in Ottawa, and 680 CJOB in Winnipeg, among other programs.

2019 Democracy 360

Mike Morden appeared on Primetime Politics with Peter Van Dusen for CPAC. Segment begins at 50 minutes.

Mike Morden appeared on Power Play with Don Martin for CTV. Segment begins at 35 minutes.

Mike Morden and Kendall Anderson were interviewed on Global News Radio with Geoff Currier for 680 CJOB Winnipeg.


The Real House Lives

Jane Hilderman and Paul Thomas appeared on 15 nationally syndicated radio programs for CBC Radio.

Jane Hilderman appeared on the Morning Show for 640 Toronto.

Jane Hilderman appeared on the Rick Gibbons Show for 1310 News.

Jane Hilderman appeared on PrimeTime Politics with Peter Van Dusen for CPAC.

Jane Hilderman appeared on the Maritime Noon Show for CBC Radio.

Jane Hilderman appeared on the Afternoon Show for 900CHML.

Jane Hilderman appeared on The Mike Farwell Show for 570 NEWS Kitchener.

2018 Member of Parliament Survey

Jane Hilderman appeared on PrimeTime Politics with Peter Van Dusen (interview starts at 50 mins).

Mike Morden appeared on The Sheldon MacLeod Show, interviewed by Sheldon McLeod for NEWS 957 Halifax.

Mike Morden appeared on The Morning Edition for CBC Radio Kitchener-Waterloo.

Beyond the Barbecue

The Samara Centre appeared on CBC Radio, interviewed by Jennifer Clibbon.

The Samara Centre appeared on the Morning Show, interviewed by James Sebastian-Scott for 570 NEWS Kitchener.

Flip The Script

MP exit interviews from Samara - Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan”, reported by Julia Sisler for CBC Radio Ottawa

Jane Hilderman appeared on The Problems with Parliament - The Agenda with Steve Paikin, interviewed by Harrison Lowman.

The Samara Centre on the Danielle Smith Show, reported on by Kristin Fong for Global News Radio 770 CHQR Calgary.

The Samara Centre appeared on The Morning Show, interviewed by Dave Woodard for Global News Radio 640 Toronto.

The Samara Centre appeared on The Morning News with Gord Gillies, interviewed by Andrea Montgomery for Global News Radio 770 CHQR Calgary.


No One Is Listening

"What do MPs really think of heckling? Most won't say" by Beatrice Britneff in iPolitics.

Mike Morden was interviewed by Peter Van Dusen on CPAC's PrimeTime Politics on October 24, 2017 (starting at 58:00)

Jane Hilderman was interviewed by Don Martin on CTV's Power Play with Don Martin on October 25, 2017.

Mike Morden was interviewed by Vassy Kapelos on Global TV's The West Block on October 29, 2017.

The hosts of CTV's The Social debated "Heckling in the HOC" on October 25, 2017.

MPs Matthew Dube, Elizabeth May, Steve McKinnon, and Karen Vecchio joined Catherine Cullen to discuss Samara's heckling survey on CBC's Power and Politics on October 27, 2017.

CPAC aired Samara's report launch on Parliament Hill in its entirety on multiple occasions, including PrimeTime Politics on October 25, 2017 (starting at 1:40:30). The event featured Jane Hilderman, Speaker Geoff Regan, Senator Ratna Omidvar, Former Speaker Peter Milliken, MP Greg Fergus, and Equal Voice's Nancy Peckford.

Jane Hilderman and Mike Morden were interviewed on CBC radio programs in 19 cities across Canada on October 25, 2017.

Jane Hilderman was interviewed on Radio Canada International on October 25, 2017.

Jane Hilderman was interviewed by Adam Stirling on Victoria's CFAX 1070 on October 25, 2017.

Mike Morden was interviewed by Sheldon MacLeod on Halifax's News 957 on October 30, 2017.

Vote PopUp B.C.

Samara Vote PopUp Coordinator Andrew Phillips was featured in a Global News segment (starting at 1:36) on May 2, 2017.

2017 Democracy 360

Samara Executive Director Jane Hilderman and Managing Director Kendall Anderson were interviewed on several CBC Radio programs across Canada on March 29, 2017.

Samara Executive Director Jane Hilderman discussed the Democracy 360 report on CTV’s Power Play with Don Martin on March 28, 2017.


2016 Everyday Political Citizens

"Canada's everyday political citizen award winners" on CTV Your Morning. [Video stream]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Electoral Reform

"Five priorities for Trudeau this fall" by John Ibbitson in The Globe and Mail. [PNG]

"Electoral reform: Moving beyond first-past-the-post voting system" on The Current with Robyn Bresnahan.

Cheering or Jeering?

"What do you think about heckling in the House? Should there be some, just not the nasty sort?" by Laura Ryckewaert in The Hill Times

"It's time to show you what really happens in the Commons" by Tim Harper in The Toronto Star

CBC At Issue Panel, January 29 2016, with Peter Mansbridge, Chantal Herbet, Rosemary Barton, and Paul Wells. Starts at 6:55

"To reform Parliament, MPs might start by holding their applause" by Aaron Wherry on CBC News

"Conservative MPs heckling despite pledge to set new tone" by Tim Naumetz in The Hill Times

Canadaland Commons Episode #37, Jane Hilderman and Michelle Rempel discuss heckling in the House of Commons.

"Verbal Jabs are one thing, heckling is another" in Peterborough Examiner

“Politics This Morning: Most common hecklers male, veteran MPs who sit on government backbench, says new report” by Bea Vongdouangchanh in The Hill Times

“What if MPs put their money where their mouths are? Question period could make cents”  by Ashley Csanady in the National Post

“MPs hate heckling but heckle anyway: report”  by Leslie Young on Global News

“Note to returning MPs: Think before you heckle” by Selina Chignall in iPolitics

“How heckling in the House affects women MPs”
by Sarah Boesveld in Chatelaine

"MPs return to House, including 197 rookies, promise better tone" by Rachel Aiello in The Hill Times

"New Parliament a chance to make Hill life more like real life" by Susan Delacourt in The Toronto Star

"Question Period heckling has greater impact on women MPs: survey" by Aviva West in Yahoo! News

Message Not Delivered

"Youth aren't apathetic, and StatsCan has the proof" by Allison Jane Smith in The Ottawa Citizen

"Hey Canada! It's Your Future Calling; We Need to Talk" by Tari Ajadi in The Tyee

"Politicians would do good by genuinely appealing to youth"
by Andrew McWhinney in The Gateway Online.

"How young non-voters embraced the ballot" by Carla Lucchetta on tvo.org

"#YoungPeopleDontVote" by Charelle Evelyn in The Prince George Citizen

"Young voters' apathy has few valid excuses" Postmedia Network Editorial on CamroseCanadian.com

"New Report: Young Canadians Are More Engaged Than We Thought" on Intergenequity.com

"Candidates advised to go back to school to pick up key votes" by Simona Chiose in The Globe and Mail and on globeandmail.com

"The Youth Vote," Samara's Jane Hilderman joins a panel on youth engagement on CBC's Power & Politics

"Young voters have the power to own this election -- if they want it" by Linda Nazareth on iPolitics.ca

"Study shows youth engaged in political process" Samara's Research Manager Laura Anthony talks to CBC Radio Yukon

"Be a Voter" by Morgan Baskin on Pollenize.org

"Only old souls at the polls?" by Teodora Pasca on TheVarsity.ca

"Getting Millenials, New Citizens to the Polls" by Maryam Mirza on NewCanadianMedia.ca

Jane Hilderman on CPAC's Prime Time Politics with Peter van Dusen (starts at 23:30)

"New report debunks myths about youth apathy toward politics" by Michelle Zilio on CTVnews.ca

"Interested but not voting?" Jane Hilderman on CTV with Marcia MacMillan

"Samara Canada report: dispelling myths about youth, apathy and politics" by Selina Chignall on iPolitcs.ca

"Young voters an untapped resource for political parties, report says" by CBC News on cbc.ca

"Young Canadians Aren't Apathetic, They're Ignored by Political Parties" by Emma Gilchrist on desmog.ca

"Samara report: Politicians need to court the younger generation" by Sara Cain on 900chml.com, Hamilton Newstalk

"Citizen Spark No. 11: Your First Time" by Postmedia News on NationalPost.com

"The young are not restless. Here's proof in one chart." by Amanda Shendruk on Macleans.ca


2015 Federal Election

"Perfect political storm sent youth voters to the polls in 2015 election, say experts" profiles Samara and UBC Press's electronic publication.

A mention of Samara's "Election 2015" blog series in the Winnipeg Free Press's "Politics 204".

"Muslim Canadian federal election turnout driven by fact 'so much was at stake'" by Shanifa Nasser on CBC News.

"'Unprecedented' surge in Muslim vote in federal election: poll" by Noor Javed in the Toronto Star

"One group's effort to pop (up) the vote" by Vjosa Isai in the National Post

"A Guide for First-Time Voters" by the NCM Mentoring Program on NewCanadianMedia.ca

"Many students confused about Fair Elections Act voter ID requirements" by Kelvin Gawley in The Voice.

"Vote PopUp: Getting the vote out among non-voters" by Selina Chignall on iPolitics.ca.

"Why the voting selfie is a wonderful thing" by Emma Teitel in the Toronto Star

"A vote for the future" Imagine a City speaks with Retchel Morales, a Vote PopUp participant

"Honing the fine art of voting" by Carl Hnatyshyn in Sarnia This Week

"Voting troubles abound" Wendy Elliott discusses Vote PopUp in the King County News

"Want to engage non-voters? Don't bully them, says civic-action groups" by Andre Mayer on CBC News online

"New ID requirements for voters on Oct. 19" by Charelle Evelyn in the Prince George Citizen

"Public libraries encouraging citizens to get out and vote" by Teresa Workman in South Shore Breaker.

"Courting the 'Ethnic Vote'" by the NCM Election Desk on NewCanadianMedia.ca

"Students are University of Regina encouraged to vote" on CBC News.

"Program encourages voting, democracy" Paul Morden covers Vote PopUp in the Sarnia Observer

"Election 2015: who says young people won't vote?" U of T News on Samara's Vote PopUp

"Mock election used to encourage homeless Calgarians to vote" James Wood writes about Vote PopUp in the Calgary Herald

"Learn How to Vote at Your Local Library" Samara's Vote PopUp on qccrfm.com

"Is Politics Broken?" Samara's Democracy 360 research frames a discussion on CBC's The National

"Have Your Say: How can we encourage more young Canadians to vote?" by Craig and Marc Kielburger in The Globe and Mail

"Let's Use the Syrian Refugee Crisis to Reconnect Politics with Purpose" by Reva Seth on HuffingtonPost.ca

"Here's to the people who make our democracy work" by Ilona Dougherty on iPolitics.ca

"Table holds mock election as part of voter education drive" by Desmond Devoy in the Perth Courier

2015 Everyday Political Citizens

"On the Bright Side - Everyday Political Citizen" hosted by Heather Seaman on CPAC.

"Ramp maker receives Everyday Political Citizen honour" by Sandra Bolan in Stouffville Sun-Tribune.

"Cree man from Saddlelake Cree Nation is having a heck of a year" featuring Cory Nicotine on APTN National News.

"Founder of Stopgap Foundation wins award, talks accessibility gaps in Toronto" by Katrina Clarke in the Toronto Star.

2015 Everyday Political Citizen 30+ winner Luke Anderson on CBC Radio’s As It Happens with Carol Off and Jeff Douglas (starts at 08:10 of part 3).

"Cory Nicotine recognized for youth work with iHuman" by Gareth Hampshire on CBC News online.

"Toronto engineer honoured for building accessible ramps" on by CBC News on CBC Toronto online.

"Samara honours Canadians committed to civic engagement" by Kyle Duggan on iPolitics.ca.

"Canadian activists honoured with awards for civic engagement" by Jennifer Ditchburn for The Canadian Press.

"Three who made a difference honoured with Everyday Political Citizen award" by Douglas Quan in the National Post.

"Aboriginal youth leader wins national award for civic engagement initiative" by Otiena Ellwand in the Edmonton Journal.

"Edmonton community leader nominated for prestigious award" by Gareth Hampshire on CBC News Edmonton.

"Two Regina citizens nominated for the Everyday Political Citizen project" video
in the Regina Leader-Post

"Nominee thinks of other first" by Stewart Burnett in Nunavut News.

"A former at risk youth from Botwood has turned her life around for the better" by Samantha Gardiner in the Grand Falls Advertiser.

"National recognition for Botwood native" on The Telegram.

"Former Saskatoon gang member Jorgina Sunn nominated for national award" by CBC News on CBC Saskatoon online.

"Hunt on in Saskatchewan for 'Canada's everyday political citizens'" by  CBC News on CBC Saskatchewan online.

"Meet the Young Urbanists League, the Toronto Facebook group growing grassroots civic engagement" by Luke Simcoe in Metro News.

"CitizenSparks: Postmedia partners with Samara Canada and Twitter to engage public in political debate" by Postmedia in the National Post.  

2015 Democracy 360

"#CBC Asks: Is Politics Broken?" on CBC News. Watch the entire debate featuring Samara's Alison Loat

"Is our democracy on crutches? Canada gets only a 'C' grade from watchdog" by Mia Rabson in the Winnipeg Free Press

Jane Hilderman on CTV News Channel with Dan Matheson

The women on CTV's The Social chat about Samara's report and political interest

Jane Hilderman on CPAC's Primetime Politics with Peter Van Dusen (starts at 26:34)

"Disinterest in government a threat to democracy" by David Edward Tabachnick in the North Bay Nugget

"NL Residents Among Least Engaged: Study" on VOCM.com

Samara Research Director Jane Hilderman on NTV National Newshour

Jane Hilderman on The Ryan Jespersen Show on AM360 CHED in Edmonton

"Politics this Morning: Canada's democracy gets C grade" by Bea Vongdouangchanh in The Hill Times (subscription required)

"Electoral Engagement" by Leah Wong in NRU

Other Coverage

Jane also joined CBC's Cross Country Checkup to talk about the Federal Election, MP Exit Interviews and Everyday Political Citizen.

"Parliament: Does it get any worse than it just got?" by Aaron Wherry in Maclean's

"The Right Dose of Party Discipline" The Hon. Stèphane Dion mentions Samara's research in his address to the Quebec National Assembly.

Samara's Michael MacMillan on Global Halifax's Morning Show.

Research Manager and Acting Director Jane Hilderman joins a panel on CBC's The 180 to discuss the highlights from their Democracy Hacks series


Our Research Manager and Acting Director Jane Hilderman on CPAC's Primetime Politics (starting at 41:30)

2014 Everyday Political Citizens

"An Everyday Political Citizen" is a profile of youth runner-up Wes Prankard by Alison Langley in the St. Catharines Standard

MPP Michael Mantha stands in the Ontario Legislature to talk about the Everyday Political Citizen project.

Vancouver Shortlisted Everyday Political Citizen Eddie Tang is featured on Vancouver CBC's On the Coast. Listen here.

EPCitizen Neeta Kumar-Britten on CBC Radio's Mainstreet Cape Breton

"Wanted: Engaged 'everyday' political citizens" by Gordon Kent in the Edmonton Journal.

Tragedy in the Commons

"Jim Hillyer's death underscores health challenges other MPs face" by Tonda Macharles in Toronto Star.

An excerpt of Tragedy in the Commons in Policy Options.

"Tragedy in the Commons" a review in The Canadian Taxpayer (starts on page 7)

"Canada's Politicians Don't Want Us to Know They're Politicians" Alison Loat sits down with Michael Bolen at Huffington Post Canada.

"Politicians should reclaim themselves, say authors of new book Tragedy in the Commons" by Kate Malloy in the Hill Times.

"How do MPs really feel about their job and the work they do?" Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan on CanadaAM (video).

"MPs speak out in Tragedy in the Commons" Alison and Michael speak on the CBC Radio show, Q

Kevin Newman said "I learned a lot from this book and I've been covering politics my whole life." See Alison on CTV's Kevin Newman Live (interview was from April 15th's episode and starts at 29:20).

Alison and Michael shared some great stories on an hour-long call-in show with Bill Good on CKNW in Vancouver.

Michael shares some of his reactions to the exit interviews on Dale Goldhawk's AM740 show and on CBC's Ontario Today with Rita Celli.

Alison talks about open nominations and other lessons from the interviews with Tencer and Grose on CHED AM 630 in Edmonton .

For a longer conversation check out these podcasts with Mark Blevis and this one with Joseph Planta.

Alison sat down with Calgary’s Breakfast Television to talk about nominations processes and the state of Question Period.

Alison talks about the “surprising truths” of the book on Global Calgary’s Morning News Edition.

Alison and Michael on CPAC’s Primetime Politics. To watch, search for April 28th (interview starts at 40:00).

“Why have members of Parliament allowed their power to be siphoned away as they have?” Get a sneak peek at the book from this excerpt in the Ottawa Citizen.

Samara in the society pages. If you missed our Ottawa book launch, check out these great pictures from iPolitics.

Two great op-eds on the experiences of women in Parliament cite Tragedy in the Commons:

“Disillusioned with party politics,” Alison speaks to David Gray on The Calgary Eye Opener.

An appearance on the Michael and Dave Taylor show, on 770 AM in Calgary.

Riding Associations Website Analysis

"Samara report: Riding association websites shortchanging potential candidates" by Laura Beaulne-Stuebing in iPolitics

By Invitation Only

"Samara survey: Canadians give political parties failing grades" by Laura Beaulne-Stuebing on iPolitics.ca

"Canadians give political parties failing grades", Jane Hilderman on RCI Radio

"Mandryck: Poll shows Tories driving cynicism" by Murray Mandryck in the Leader-Post

"Parties Failed", Alison Loat on CBC Metro Morning

Other Coverage

"Engaging citizens by talking about democracy" by Carl Hnatyshyn in Sarnia and Lambton County This Week.

Alison Loat on Metro Morning talking about voter engagement in the 2014 Ontario Election as it kicked off in May. And again the day after Election Day.


2013 Everyday Political Citizens

"Samara announces Everyday Political Citizen winners" by Laura Beaulne-Stuebing

"Edith Perry humbled by nomination for community activism" by Luke Arbuckle on peicanada.com

Alison Loat and Jane Hilderman spoke about cynicism in the wake of political scandals and Samara’s antidote - Everyday Political Citizens - on 22 CBC morning shows. Recordings are available fromToronto’s Metro Morning, Ontario Morning and Radio Canada International

MP Websites Analysis

"MPs falling short in online engagement: study" by Laura Beaulne-Stuebing on iPolitics.ca

"Most politicians' websites fail to engage: charity" and link to radio interview by Lynn Desjardins at Radio Canada International

Samara Research Manager Jane Hilderman talks about the MP Website Analysis on CPAC's Primetime Politics (interview starts at 36 minutes).

Alison Loat appeared on Guelph's "Beyond the Ballot Box" radio show, CFRU 93.3 FM.

"Are you being served?"  Samara Executive Director Alison Loat on The Agenda

(April 11, 2013)


"Not even twitter can save us now" by Dan Lett in The Winnipeg Free Press.

"The hunt for an honest man lands candidate" by Pete McMartin in The Vancouver Sun.

Samara's Executive Director spoke on CBC's Metro Morning.

"Woeful participation in party politics" by Greg Fingas in The Leader-Post.

MPs by the Books & House of Words

"The number of words MPs speak in House counts" by The Guelph Mercury in the Winnipeg Free Press

"Penashue's 'strong voice' rarely heard in the House: study" by Colin Horgan, on iPolitics.ca

Lost in Translation or Just Lost? Canadians' Priorities and the House of Commons (Published February 2013)

"Parliament is broken. How do we fix it?" Sarama's op-ed on iPolitics.ca

"Tom's take: the sad state of Parliament" by Tom Clark on globalnews.ca

"MPs fail to represent issues important to Canadians: report", Alison on the West Block with Tom Clark

"Are Canadians and Parliamentarians speaking the same language?" by Colin Horgan on iPolitics.ca

"Parliament needs a democracy check-up, says new report" by Bea Vongdouangchanh in the Hill Times

"House out of balance?", Alison spoke on CTV News

Grassroots Online video podcast discussion of MP Websites Analysis (begins at around 8 minutes)

Other Coverage

"The merits and drawbacks of heckling," Alison Loat joined a panel to discuss heckling on CBC Radio's The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti.

Samara's Jane Hilderman was on NewsTalk Radio in Saskatchewan talking about why citizens are not more engaged with politics.


Who's the Boss?

"What infantile verbal brawls tell us about the health of Parliament", by Michael Behiels on iPolitics.ca

"Canadians' assessment of MPs' work, country's democracy at record low: poll" by Elizabeth Thompson in iPolitics.ca

"Satisfaction with Canadian democracy hits rock bottom, survey finds" by Don Butler in The Ottawa Citizen

"Canada's democracy: A deep, yawning chasm?" by Colin Horgan on iPolitics.ca

"Ample reason for loss of faith" Editorial in The Star Phoenix

Listen to Alison's Interview on Radio Canada International.

Occupiers and Legislators

"Bias? What mainstream bias?" by Michael Valpy on his blog, Origins of Politics

"Sharp contrast in tone of TV, newspaper political reporting: study" by Elizabeth Thompson in iPolitics.ca

"Political news usually fair, but not always informative, study finds" by Don Butler in theOttawa Citizen and the Victoria Times Colonist

"On studying the media: Samara and the 'news' we want" by Colin Horgan in iPolitics.ca

An appearance on The Rutherford Show.

CBC Nova Scotia - Mainstream Cape Breton with Wendy Bergfeldt featured Samara.

Other Coverage

Samara's work spurred a question for CBC National's At Issue Panel, regarding Canada's electoral system.

"Appears we get the Parliament we deserve" by Tom Ford in the Winnipeg Free Press.


The Real Outsiders

"Understanding the limits of government" by Nicholas Gafuik in the Calgary Herald

"Oversight key for oilsands," an Op-Ed in the Star Phoenix mentioning The Real Outsiders

What gives? Samara study looks at Canadians’ reasons for turning away from politics” by Chris Plecash in The Hill Times

"If they don't vote, don't worry" by Iain Hunter in the Times Colonist

"Political re-engagement should focus on public services" by Don Lenihan on iPolitics.ca

"Who engages young voters?" by Jonathan Migneault in OpenFile Ottawa

Interview with Alison Loat on Global TV's "The Morning Show."

Interview with Alison Loat on CTV National News.

"Who are Toronto's "real outsiders", and why are they turned off by politics?" by John Michael McGrath in OpenFile Toronto

"Non-voting Canadians consider themselves outsiders: study" by Don Butler in the Ottawa Citizen

"Non-voters see political engagement as futile: study" by Rebecca Lindell on Global News online

"Politically disengaged Canadians not apathetic or uninformed, study finds" by Colin Horgan oniPolitics.ca

Interview with André Turcotte on Radio-Canada's Maisonneuve en direct

Alison Loat was featured on 14 drive-home CBC radio shows and on Dave Rutherford’s #1 call-in radio show in Alberta.  

Outsiders' Manifesto

An interview with Alison Loat by Steve Paikin on TVO's "The Agenda."

An interview with Alison Loat about constituent services on CBC Radio's "The Current."

An article on MPs' recommendations for improving the practice of politics on iPolitics.ca

From Global News online, an article by Rebecca Lindell highlighting the report's "outsider narrative"

A blog from former MP Glen Pearson

The highlights of this report's local and national media coverage are available here, on the Samara blog.

"It's My Party"

An interview with Alison Loat by Steve Paikin on TVO's "The Agenda."

A post-election interview with Alison Loat by Matt Galloway on CBC Radio's "Metro Morning" (the segments begins at the 14:15 mark).

The highlights of this report's national and local coverage is available here, including editorials and other commentary generated by the findings.

Other Coverage

An article in the Hill Times mentioning the work of Samara.

"Underrepresented", a feature article by Isabel Bassett, published in the magazine Women of Influence.


Welcome to Parliament

"An MP’s changing world of work" by John Milloy in Policy Options. (PDF)

An interview with Alison Loat by Steve Paikin on TVO's "The Agenda."

An interview with Alison Loat by Carol Off on CBC Radio's "As It Happens" (the segment begins at the 7:00 mark).

An interview with Alison Loat by Rosemary Barton on CBC TV's "Power and Politics" (the segment begins at the 33:15 mark).

A survey article on partisanship in the House which features an interview with Alison Loat in The Hill Times.

An article illuminating the report by Bea Vongdouangchanh in The Hill Times.

An op-ed by Joe Jordan in The Hill Times

An article by Elizabeth Thompson in iPolitics.ca, which also ran in newspapers across Canada, including the National Post, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Windsor Star, Ottawa Citizen and on Canada.com.

The Accidental Citizen?

"Liberals should reform the candidate nomination process," an article by Kyle Harrietha in iPolitics.ca

An interview with Alison Loat on TVO's "The Agenda" with Steve Paikin.

An interview with Alison Loat, followed by a discussion with former MPs John Godfrey, Jean Augustine and Monte Solberg by Anna Maria Tremonti, on CBC Radio's "The Current".

Another reflection on the report, "Silly Monkeys," by Max Fawcett, on his blog.

Best Political Books of the Last 25 Years contest

A blog, by Susan Delacourt, from the Toronto Star

An addition to our books list, by John Geddes from Maclean's. (PDF)

Journalism seminars

A round-up of television, print, radio and online coverage on the visit of Birgitta Jonsdottir

A radio interview with Tom Rosenstiel by Anna Maria Tremonti, on CBC Radio's "The Current."

An interview with Paul Steiger by Joseph Brean, in the National Post

Other Coverage

Samara's work was also featured in CPAC's "The Bright Side."