Humans of the House Teaching Resources

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Humans of the House Teaching Resources
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The Samara Centre for Democracy partnered with the Social Studies Educators Network of Canada/Réseau pour l’enseignment des sciences sociales du Canada (SSENC/RESCC) to create curriculum-connected resources based on our podcast Humans of the House. We offer engaging teaching material related to each episode in the six-part series, which weaves together interviews with a dozen former Members of Parliament. These resources are designed to help educators illuminate the lived experience of Canadian politics in their classrooms.

If you are a high school educator, click here to see where our Humans of the House teaching resources fit into your province’s social studies curriculum. Then explore all of the extensive resources we have available, including classroom presentations, timestamped transcripts, vocabulary worksheets, listening activities, assignments and more.

Humans of the House is also a valuable resource for university educators teaching in a variety of disciplines. To facilitate incorporating Humans of the House into university curricula, we have drawn together sample assignments for courses connected to Canadian politics and society, civic engagement, democratic processes and institutions and the art of digital storytelling. Click here to explore where our podcast and sample assignments can fit into your syllabus. Then explore the range of different assignments related to Humans of the House that can support your course's learning outcomes.

Have you used our teaching resources? Please let us know, and share your thoughts about how they support learning in your classroom. Click here to fill out a short feedback survey!

Podcasts for Civic Education

Bring civic education to life with podcasts from the Samara Centre

On April 17th, 2024, the Samara Centre for Democracy presented at a special webinar hosted by the Social Studies Educators Network of Canada/ Réseau pour l’enseignement des sciences sociales du Canada (SSENC/RESSC). The webinar explores how educators can bring civic education to life in their classroom with podcasts from the Samara Centre for Democracy. 

In this webinar, Samara Centre Research Director Beatrice Wayne walks teachers through the free activities and lessons based on the award-winning podcast Humans of the House, and how the podcast and connected activities can be used to make the lived experience of Canadian politics accessible, engaging and inclusive for students in your classroom. The webinar covers curriculum links to the podcast across all provinces and territories.

Learn more about SSENC/RESSC by visiting:

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