Humans of the House in the Media

July 17, 2023
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Humans of the House in the Media
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Humans of the House has received national media coverage and has been the #1 show in the Government category for several weeks on Apple Podcasts where it has also been featured as a New & Noteworthy Special Series. Humans of the House has also been a Best Podcast This Week and a top Government show on Amazon Music.

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In The News

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Pod the North | April 4, 2023: Sabreena Delhon never could have guessed how deeply personal her conversations with former politicians would get.

The Social | March 21, 2023: Exposing Canadian politics in ‘Humans of the House’ with Sabreena Delhon, Celina Caeser-Chavannes and Lisa Raitt 

The Current with Matt Galloway | March 21, 2023: New podcast explores the human side of Canadian politics with Sabreena Delhon, Scott Brison and Romeo Saganash 

The Hill Times | March 21, 2023: No holds barred: Samara Centre for Democracy launches new podcast featuring former MPs ‘to hear in their own words what this job is really like’ 

Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan | March 21, 2023: A podcast that tries to humanise politicians 

Politico | March 21, 2023: Hallway Conversation, Sabreena Delhon speaks with Sue Allan about Humans of the House


Vocal Fridays | March 31, 2023: What we're listening to — Humans of the House review

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Massey Dialogues | April 24, 2023Humans of the House: Stories for Civic Engagement

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