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July 9, 2023
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SAMbot In The Media
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SAMbot is a  project that uses machine learning to track toxic social media content received by candidates in Canadian elections. Since launching in 2021, SAMbot has analyzed over 3.6 million tweets received by over 1,100 candidates across federal, provincial and municipal elections. Insights from this work have received national media coverage and been presented at meetings across governmental, policy, technology, human rights and academic spaces.

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Media Coverage

Metro Morning, CBC Radio | April 9, 2024: Engagement and Abuse on Toronto's Digital Campaign Trail: The 2023 Toronto Mayoral By-election Report

Global News Winnipeg | January 30, 2024: Winnipeg politicians are getting hammered by toxic messages, research says

680 CJOB The Start | January 30, 2024: Local politicians facing violence on the job: Samara Centre's Beatrice Wayne offers insights from the SAMbot project

Columnists from CBC Radio | November 17, 2023: Can a public official block a constituent?

Brampton Guardian | August 15, 2023: 'Abusive working conditions': Online attacks in Brampton municipal election among worst in Canada, report finds

Vancouver Sun | July 9, 2023: Nearly 11,000 abusive tweets targeted Vancouver and Surrey election candidates

CANADALAND | June 29, 2023: SHORT CUTS #897 PostStar Royco

Toronto Star | June 25, 2023: ‘We are ready to move on’: Why this Toronto election is different for the city’s immigrants — and why it might not be enough

The Conversation | October 27, 2022: #MeToo turns 5: Taking stock of gender-based violence in Canadian politics

Toronto Star | October 24, 2022: Toronto 2022 municipal election brings dismal voter turnout

Toronto Star | September 18, 2022: Anger, delusion and distrust: Is Canada’s democracy in decline?

The Hill Times | August 19, 2022: ‘Prevailing sense that toxicity is continuing to rise,’ as report finds one in six tweets analyzed during 2021 federal election ‘likely to be toxic’

Toronto Star: August 18, 2022: Time to tackle online abuse

CBC The Current | August 31, 2022Women in politics are facing increasing harassment

CTV Northern Ontario | June 24, 2022: Rise in threats to politicians an attempt 'to undermine democracy': Northern MP

CBC News | May 22, 2022: "I did consider backing out": This candidate and others face hate in Ontario election

Betakit | May 19, 2022: Should politicians use Twitter + Ontario's election budget

Policy Options Podcast | September 15, 2021: Tracking Online Toxicity in #Elnx44

CBC Radio: All in a Day with Alan Neal | September 21, 2021: How toxic was the 2021 election?

Ottawa Citizen | August 31, 2021: Hostility on the 2021 campaign trail: Defaced campaign signs, toxic tweets and disrupted events.

CityNews Toronto | Aug 31, 2021: ‘Toxic’ online posts having negative impact on federal election voters

CBC News Power & Politics | August 30, 2021

CTV Power Play | August 30, 2021

Narcity | August 30, 2021: A New Report Just Revealed Which Party Leader Is Getting The Most Hate Online Right Now

630 CHED Afternooons | Aug 30, 2021: Decision Canada: Tracking online abuse during the election campaign – with AI technology based in Edmonton

Global News | August 29, 2021

CTV News | August 29, 2021: Racialized, female candidates more likely to face online abuse during campaign, analysis finds.

Future of Good | August 27, 2021: 15 Tough Questions Social Sector Leaders Would Ask Federal Candidates In An Election Debate

Globe and Mail | August 26, 2021: Green Leader Paul points out threats targeting her online, calls for accountability

Le Devoir | 26 août 2021: La cheffe du Parti vert dénonce les menaces en ligne contre les politiciens.

Toronto Star | August 25, 2021: Torrent of online ‘toxicity,’ including hate, targeting election candidates: study

CBC Radio: The Morning Edition K-W with Craig Norris | August 24, 2021: New project tracks toxic tweets aimed at candidates during federal election

CBC Radio with Ramraajh Sharvendiran | August 23, 2021: Ontario Morning

CBC Radio: Edmonton AM with Mark Connolly, Tara McCarthy | August 23, 2021: Tracking toxic tweets during the federal election

CBC’s Information Radio – MB | August 23, 2021: A new project is tracking toxic tweets aimed at candidates and political parties during the Federal election

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