Samara Centre for Democracy 2023 Highlights

January 15, 2024
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Samara Centre for Democracy 2023 Highlights
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At the Samara Centre for Democracy our purpose is to make it easier for people to talk about and participate in politics. We want to move past simplistic commands like “you should run” or “you should vote” towards more nuanced and personal understandings about what it truly means to be civically engaged.

In 2023 we produced work that tackled the urgent and complex challenges facing our democracy, particularly related trust, risk, and misinformation. We also created work that looks to the future, identifying exciting opportunities to evolve and strengthen our democracy for the 21st century.

Check out our 2023 highlights video and infographic:

Looking Forward 

In 2024 we look forward to building on this momentum and collaborating with partners to define what a future Canadian democracy that is revitalized, robust and sustainable can look like. It is a privilege for our team to work on strengthening our democracy and we can’t do it without you. Be part of this journey by following us on social media, subscribing to our newsletter and becoming a donor.

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