Humans of the House: Trailer

March 9, 2023
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Humans of the House: Trailer
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You know what a politician sounds like on the job. But once they leave office, that’s when they can share what’s truly on their minds. 

Join host Sabreena Delhon as she speaks with former Members of Parliament, to hear, in their own words, what this job is really like. Their stories are woven together in a six-part series that explores an MPs path to politics, why they left, and what it cost them to serve their communities.

Tune in to Humans of the House, a podcast from the Samara Centre for Democracy.

Listen to the trailer and subscribe now. The first episode of Humans of the House will be available on all podcast platforms on March 21.

Tune in to hear their stories.

Humans of the House is produced by Media Girlfriends and funded by the Government of Canada and Rosemond Ivey.

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