Let's Talk Digital

November 24, 2019
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Let's Talk Digital
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“Let’s Talk Digital” is a non-partisan initiative aiming to engage youth (12-25 years old) in a series of workshops and engagement opportunities on digital citizenship.

A partnership between The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and the Samara Centre for Democracy, the initiative aims to lessen the impact of misinformation, polarization, and disengagement by engaging young people in digital citizenship workshops to build their critical thinking skills and capacity to critically assess online reporting and digital media. It also aims to equip youth with the skills to take action to avoid manipulation online and create a healthy information ecosystem through the creation of educational toolkits with activities, games, infographics, and other resources.

The innovative aspect of these workshops helps young people learn about the largely invisible Internet technologies of bots, algorithms, and artificial intelligence without the use of computers, so they can feel, see, and understand the ubiquitous technologies that affect our everyday life.

The program hopes to empower a connected generation raised on social media to better understand the mechanisms of digital citizenship so they can educate their peers and their families and contribute to a stronger democracy for all.

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