MP Exit Interviews: Data Breakdown

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MP Exit Interviews: Data Breakdown
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From 2008 to 2022, we have interviewed 165 former Members of Parliament. Comprehensive  analysis of these interviews is currently underway. Below we present some initial analysis that compares our data across the 38th to 43rd Parliaments.

Over the years, former MPs detailed the fulfillment they experienced in committee and in constituency work. They also shared concerns that increasing partisanship is encroaching on what would otherwise be productive work in Parliament. A new challenge that emerged for recently exited former MPs is the overwhelming impact of social media and the effect of online toxicity on the job.

MP Exit Interviews by Party: 2008 to 2021

MP Exit Interviews by Gender: 2008 to 2021

Note: In 2021, the Samara Centre began collecting gender data to align with inclusive data collection methods. Previously we used gender data provided by the Library of Parliament.

MP Exit Interviews by Region: 2008 to 2021

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